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The Step-By-Step Plan to Make the World a Better Place by Building Power and Winning on Any Issue You Care About

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I’m Ayelet Hines, and I’m glad you’re here. My intent is to share everything I’ve learned about advocacy so I can help you change the world and advance your career. I’ve spent 30 years helping nonprofits build movements, activating the right people at the right time around policies that improve lives and protect the planet, through organizing, communications, lobbying and training. In those 30 years, here are the most common concerns I’ve heard from campaign directors:

  • “If we don’t get better at winning campaigns and changing policies, we’re going to lose funding, people and momentum.”
  • “When we don’t deliver on our campaign goals, we aren’t seen as leaders on our issue, causing policymakers and funders to look elsewhere.”
  • “Training is expensive and our funders don’t want to pay for it, so we do just enough to get by.”

Stretching Every Dollar

As an advocacy professional, I know we’ll often be outspent by the opposition, so we have to be savvy about how we spend our limited advocacy dollars. It makes me cry when organizations pay for in-person trainings that teach our teams things they can learn more economically and thoroughly on their own, or worse, when our teams receive no training but are expected to ace campaigns flying blind. I’ve both hired in-person trainers to teach advocacy and am hired to teach it, and I’m here to tell you that the all-in-person training model is inefficient, outdated and a waste of money.

Much of those trainings are the same thing over and over—unchanging definitions, concepts and methods—and that’s not how to build 21st Century movements. You know the drill: Directors send staff all over the world, paying thousands of dollars in airfare, hotels and meals, and hiring consultants to teach what people can learn on their own schedule. Frankly, it’s almost a scam. I want to help you stretch every dollar, modernize your trainings, and get advocacy skills into the hands of all the staff and volunteers who have any role in winning your campaigns.

Why? Because social justice is my calling and I need you to win. Investing in your advocacy infrastructure supports you from one victory to the next, which is how organizations build power, win, and retain support. The cost of training is far less than the cost of losing your campaign, which costs you support and costs the people and places you’re helping a better future.

The Solution

Finally, there’s an online course in campaigning and organizing that is comprehensive, convenient and economical. It has been piloted at the number-one public health school in the world and is now available to you to help you nail your public interest campaign.


Write A Winning Campaign Plan

How to Keep Supporters Happy, Build Power and Win

I built this course because I found myself teaching my colleagues things I thought they would have already known—how to write a campaign plan, how to pick your best messenger, how to frame an issue in a way people care about, how to work with reporters, how to choose the best tactics that really move the needle, why campaigns need organizations… One day I was listening to an in-person training in Washington, DC at a top-dollar public relations firm, thinking, “I can’t believe an organization paid thousands of dollars for a training that could have fit in a trifold brochure. No wonder we’re losing.” For 20 years I’d known people who had been getting online MBAs so they could learn how to maximize corporate profits. But why was there no place to go online to learn how to work for justice? So I built it. I wanted

  • Anyone, anywhere to have access to top-notch training in core democracy skills
  • Campaign directors’ jobs to be easier because it would make a huge difference if staff and volunteers walked into a planning meeting with the same base-level understanding of concepts and definitions
  • To remove the cost, convenience and geographic barriers to training in advocacy skills. Now you don’t have to drop everything, leave your kids with a neighbor, put your dog in jail and fly across the country to get trained.

At the end of this course you’ll

  • Recognize that real improvements in people’s lives have been achieved by people like you running hard-hitting campaigns that change policy
  • Know the purpose and methods of campaign planning and execution
  • Learn key lessons from campaigns in different fields
  • Select the most appropriate campaign approaches for particular situations
  • Develop a basic campaign plan to address a real-world problem

For now the course is free and open to anyone, so get it while you can.


Create Campaigns That Win

Review the basics, like what campaigning, organizing and advocacy are and how they improve lives and protect the planet. Learn why movements need organizations and why corporate personhood should matter to you.


Become a Campaign History Master: Learn From Campaigns That Were Won By Regular People Like You

See the key elements of organizing mapped out over the civil rights movement, get insights from a campaign won by poor, illiterate women in India who brought a gigantic industry to its knees, and learn how to win on your issue when almost no one agrees with you.

How to Write a Winning Campaign Plan, Step By Step

Learn how to pick a winning, hopeful issue out of a huge, depressing problem; identify and recruit your very best messenger (spoiler: it’s probably not you); and a mini-lesson from the hardcore organizer who brought us the protest decade that was the 1960s.


Research Like a Boss

Learn the questions to ask and where to find answers, how to research your opponents, and the antidote to the fake “grassroots” campaign an industry might run against you. A research ninja shares his tricks.


How to Build World-Changing Campaign Power

Learn how to build your campaign’s power, no matter what point you’re starting from, where the top-secret place is all your future campaign leaders are hiding (or not), and mini-lessons from the “tree-spiker” guy who founded a gazillion environmental organizations, and another from an expert on volunteer management.

Become an Expert Team Builder Who Ignites Change Through Coalitions

Learn about different types of coalitions and what each one brings you, how to run a coalition, and how to make them work for you.

Master the Art of Engaging the Influencers

How “grasstops” and grassroots organizing are related, what to ask grasstops leaders to do, how to make a power map of grasstops leaders your targets already trust.

How to Expertly Choose Tactics That Will Actually Move the Needle

Dive into the buffet of tactics—cold, warm and hot, how to kick your target’s butt in the marketplace, why non-violent direct action works and how to do it, and mini-lessons from the most creative and hard-hitting tacticians out there.

What You Must Know About How Online and Offline Activism Go Together So You Don’t Waste Tons of Time & Money

Social media as one strategy that can help you win, a mini-lesson from the guy who’s been shaping politics using online tools SINCE THE 1980s! (not a typo), and another from a woman who knows how to use diversity to win against major opponents.

How to Ace Your Campaign Evaluation

How to know if what you’re doing is working, and why you have to measure your successes, big and small, to protect your victories.


  • #1
    How to Get The Media to Carry Your Message

    Pulled from the upcoming curriculum on campaign communications, this bonus module will teach you how to frame an irresistible news story media will want to cover, how to ace an interview, and what you should know about reporters.

  • #2
    Campaign Plan Template

    Downloadable template that will help you think through all the elements of a winning campaign plan.

  • #3
    Power Mapping Guide

    How to identify and recruit supporters who your target decision-makers already listen to, downloadable to share with your team..

  • #4
    Coalitions Guide

    The whys and hows of coalitions and what they can do for you, downloadable to share with your team.


This course was designed for those who

Work on campaigns, as staff or volunteers

Want to get hired on a campaign and want a leg up on the competition

Work alongside campaigns, like lawyers, social workers, and public health professionals

Want to know how to change a law or corporate policy, or have a say in what tax money is spent on

Bottom line: If you want to learn how to change the system so it better protects people and the planet, this course will teach you how.

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As soon as you register you get a unique username and password that give you access to the entire course. All modules are digital and downloadable.  And your bonuses have been pre-loaded for you.


For now this course is free and open to all. I stand by this course, which has been fine-tuned based on feedback from students at the #1 public health school in the world.


Common Questions, Simple Answers

Does the course come with tech support if I need it?

Yes. If you have any problems with the tech side of things, like forgetting your username or password, there will be someone available to assist you.

Am I free to distribute the downloadable handouts and guides to my team?


Can I make my own trainings based on yours?

You are welcome to use the ideas found in this content to put something together for your team, but if you steal this content and put it up on another website, your web host will be hearing from me.

Can I use what I learn in this training if I live in a tough political environment, like a military dictatorship or some place where free speech and political activism are discouraged?

Yes. This training will expose you to the universe of considerations you have to make in campaigns, but you don’t need to do everything all at once. Some elements might not be appropriate for your political environment, but most of them are. Humans are basically the same everywhere.

Why is this training free and not $5,000?

I want to get more organizing skills into the hands of more people.

How long does it take to complete the course?

There are about six hours of video instruction from me, and about another hour of audio content from guest organizers giving mini lessons. You can listen to my videos at 1.5X or 2X while you’re walking your dog or commuting to work, which is how I often listen to online courses for the first time.

Can my entire organization use the same username and password, or do we need to pay per individual?

For now you can use one username and password for your organization so, yes, several people can take the course with one registration.


Finally, a comprehensive organizing training you can do in your pajamas, without having to leave your kids with a neighbor, put your dog in jail, or get on an airplane.

Instant, full access to all modules and downloads

Mini-lessons from pros at the top of their fields

Future course updates are yours



Your training changed my thinking and helped me understand that all people have the potential to change lives and difficult situations. Power is not centered only in government or wealth. In large part because of your training, I established Save Life International to address the most pressing issues in our communities. I use what I learned in your training to teach others that they too have the ability to act.

Through the course, I devised a real campaign plan to advocate for policy change, an opportunity I would not have had otherwise. I highly recommend this course, as well as any course taught by someone as knowledgeable as Ayelet.

This training helped make me a more effective advocate for human rights by teaching me how to think through all the elements of a campaign and focus my resources on actions that make a difference.

Finally, a comprehensive organizing training you can do in your pajamas, without having to leave your kids with a neighbor, put your dog in jail, or get on an airplane.

Instant, full access to all modules and downloads

Mini-lessons from pros at the top of their fields

Future course updates are yours